Published on September 3, 2019 by Benjamin J. Montoya

Forgotten Books, 2012 | 50 pages

A Brief “Bonus” Summary from Books At a Glance


In his “The Divine Origin of the Bible” B. B. Warfield makes inquiry into the question of how to give account for the Bible. What ultimate factor gives adequate explanation for it? Specifically, is there reason to believe that the Bible is of divine origin? Is there evidence that would lead to this conclusion?

Warfield begins by pointing out that the Bible is unique among all other books in the place it maintains among civilized people. Its influence on legislation, social habits, culture, governmental forms is unparalleled. It has left its mark in the shaping and even transformation of every quarter of every society to which it has gone. Religious rituals of sacrifice forever embedded in the consciousness of men and societies suddenly fell into neglect when brought into contact with the Bible. Religion and morals, in their practice and in their very theory, have been revolutionized by this unique book. Moreover, its influence has always been beneficient. This is not to deny the many abuses of professing Christians, but it is an unchallenged fact that where the Bible has gone society has improved, and love has replaced hate and horror. Following its first arrival, by all accounts attested to by miraculous signs, the Bible has deluged the world, crossing all boundaries and barriers. So pervasive has been its influence wherever it has gone, that it would be difficult to overstate the case. And all this has been accomplished without the commendation of royalty, against the most determined and violent opposition, and by means of the efforts of a dozen unlearned men bringing a message considered foolish by all who heard it. Yet all who are encountered by it are left with the deep-rooted conviction that this book is from God. If this is fanaticism, it is a remarkable fanaticism that has continued and grown in a way that is without precedent.

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Forgotten Books, 2012 | 50 pages

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