Published on September 8, 2017 by Joshua R Monroe

Eerdmans, 2016 | 1248 pages

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Editor’s Note: Today we continue our series of “bonus” summaries covering all thirty-six chapters of the monumental volume, The Enduring Authority of the Christian Scriptures (D.A. Carson, ed.).


Chapter 20: The Generous Gift of a Gracious Father: Toward a Theological Account of the Clarity of Scripture

by Mark D. Thompson
(Summarized by Mark Coppenger)

Mark Thompson is Principal of Moore College in Sydney, where he also serves as head of theology, philosophy, and ethics. He deems assent to the clarity of Scripture, “a confession of faith in the benevolence of our heavenly Father, a confession anchored in the redemptive work of the Son and made possible in the present by the operation of the Holy Spirit on sinful human hearts and otherwise suspicious human minds.” He deploys this Christological/Trinitarian approach to the matter in contrast with something that resembles “Descartes’s search for a solid and reliable foundation for knowledge,” a cold approach which has resulted in the doctrine of Scripture’s “separation and even isolation from the rest of the theological curriculum.”

To make his points, he draws on a range of commentators, including. . .

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Eerdmans, 2016 | 1248 pages

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