“Faith” in THE WAY OF LIFE, by Charles Hodge

Published on July 21, 2020 by Benjamin J. Montoya

Curiosmith, 2016 | 222 pages

A “Bonus” Chapter Summary from Books At a Glance

By Benjamin J. Montoya


The Bible speaks to the importance of faith throughout. This article will focus on two aspects of faith. First, faith is the condition of salvation. We cannot be saved apart from faith. “If God has revealed a plan of salvation for sinners, they must, in order to be saved, acquiesce in its provisions. By whatever name it may be called, the thing to be done, is to approve and accept of the terms of salvation presented in the gospel. As the plan of redemption is designed for sinners, the reception of that plan on our part implies an acknowledgment that we are sinners, and justly exposed to the displeasure of God.”

What, then, is faith? Faith involves many aspects. Some have understood it to be an assent to the truths of Scripture. Certainly, Scripture presents us with all kinds of truths that we need to know and believe. In fact, it is possible to be raised in a Christian home, know the Bible, and believe it is true, and not be saved. There is more to saving faith. True, saving faith “rests upon the manifestation by the Holy Spirit of the excellence, beauty, and suitableness of the truth.” The Bible refers to this kind of faith as the precious faith of God’s elect. It is this kind of faith that delivers people from the bondage of sin to serve Christ. This kind of faith is also not something that we can produce on our own. It depends on God working in us. The person who has this kind of faith moves from being an enemy of God to seeing Christ for who he really is.

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Curiosmith, 2016 | 222 pages

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