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Crossway, 2002 | 176 pages

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About the Author

Gene Edward Veith Jr. received his Ph.D. in English from the University of Kansas. He has been professor of literature at Patrick Henry College since 2006, and he is current provost of literature. Dr. Veith has authored several books including Postmodern Times and Christianity and the Arts.



God at Work: Your Christian Vocation in All of Life provides education and practical understanding of Christian vocation. Veith writes against the secular views of vocation that are leading Christians astray. Because most Christians experience trials and tribulations in their vocations, Veith wants Christians to learn the doctrine of vocation. Veith encourages the reader to learn about Christian vocation for the purpose of influencing the culture. The book is written from a Christian perspective and concerns the vocations of Christians. As such, he teaches about God’s role in vocation: God’s providence, God’s calling, and God’s ethics.

Veith begins the study of the doctrine of vocation with the history of Christian vocation. Christian vocation, which was once just for priests, expanded to include all ethical professions and relationships during the Reformation. Christian vocation became serving and loving one’s neighbor by fulfilling the roles God has called one to. Veith discusses employment and various relationships through subsequent chapters. Each chapter answers specific questions about their respective vocation covered, and the chapters also begin to form a frame work of thinking about vocation. To strengthen this frame work, Veith discusses overarching truths of vocation in his chapters on ethics and the effects of sin on vocation. The reader finishes the book with an understanding of the doctrine of vocation and the tools to analyze questions about vocation in their own life.


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: The Christian’s Calling in the World
  2. How God Works Through Human Beings
  3. The Purpose of Vocation
  4. Finding Your Vocations
  5. Your Calling as a Worker
  6. Your Calling in the Family
  7. Your Calling as a Citizen
  8. Your Calling in the Church
  9. The Ethics of Vocation
  10. Bearing the Cross in Vocation
  11. Conclusion: Resting in Vocation



Chapter 1: Introduction: The Christian’s Calling in the World

The doctrine of Christian vocation stemmed from the Reformation and theologian Martin Luther. In that day vocation was generally established at birth, and there was no room for upper mobility. Christian vocation was understood only in terms of professional Christian ministry, but Luther taught that Christian vocation entails the laity also in their regular employment of life. Christians are called to multiple vocations that encompass the Christian life: relationships, employment, and hobbies.


Chapter 2: How God Works Through Human Beings

Scripture portrays God’s providence through human agency in the ordinary affairs of life. It is not reserved for “spiritual” things only but is pervasive in all things. Accordingly, when we receive help of any kind, we thank both the human giver and God, the ultimate giver who. . .

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God at Work: Your Christian Vocation in All of Life

Crossway, 2002 | 176 pages

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