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Regnery Publishing, 2019 | 496 pages

A Brief Book Summary from Books At a Glance

By Benjamin J. Montoya


Editor’s Note:  Here we continue our series of “Bonus” summaries focusing on matters of cultural, societal, and political interest. We hope you enjoy!


About the Author

David Limbaugh is a lawyer, nationally syndictated columnist with Creators Syndicate, political commentator, and author of nine national bestsellers, including Crimes Against LibertyThe Great DestroyerJesus on Trial, and Jesus is Risen. The brother of radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, he lives in Cape Giradeau, Missouri. Follow him on Twitter: @DavidLimbaugh.



The US has one of the sharpest political divides in the world between the right and left. The right wants to return the US to the ideals that America’s founding fathers wanted while the left is pushing the country towards another position altogether. This book argues that the US must not let the left, the Democrats, win.


Table of Contents

Chapter One  The Threat from Within

Chapter Two  The Victimhood Hierarchy

Chapter Three  Turning Color Blindness into a New Heresy

Chapter Four  Race Mania: A Compendium

Chapter Five  Gender Madness

Chapter Six  Weaponizing Gender

Chapter Seven  Socialism: An Unrequited Love Affair

Chapter Eight  Socialism Kills, Capitalism Saves

Chapter Nine  The Green New Deal and Other Socialist Schemes

Chapter Ten  Leftist Intolerance and Hate

Chapter Eleven  Leftist Authoritarianism: Assaults on the System

Chapter Twelve  Leftist Authoritarianism: Goes Private

Chapter Thirteen  Shouting Your Abortion While Attacking Christians

Chapter Fourteen  Trump Derangement Syndrome: Politicians and Entertainers

Chapter Fifteen  Trump Derangement Syndrome: The Media

Chapter Sixteen  Open Borders and Abolishing ICE: The Left’s Immigration Agenda




Chapter One: The Threat from Within

The political divide in the US represents more than what someone might think. Democrats represent a real threat to the very foundations of the US. The US was founded on certain principles and the government was put in place to ensure the following of those principles.

Democrats, one of the major political parties, is seeking to undo those principles. They want to circumvent the way the government is set up by using the court to make rulings on cases instead of passing legislation the right way. Democrats also want to turn the US into a socialistic country without borders. They want to give the all so popular freebies so many people want. Republicans are not against immigration or even certain forms of social assistance, but they want individuals to be screened properly for both. But the efforts on the part of Democrats seek to undo the country and freedoms associated with it for a very different vision.

The larger purpose of this book is to explain the dark road of socialism, cultural Marxism, and the eventual totalitarianism that results if the Democrats have their way.


Chapter Two: The Victimhood Hierarchy

One of the ways that the left is trying to encourage and rally people to support their position is by creating a victimhood hierarchy. This sense of victimhood arises from a concept of intersectionality. Intersectionality refers to the different kinds of identifiable categories that distinguish people from one another, e.g., race, gender, etc. The left has claimed that white males are automatically favored in society and because of other people’s distinctions, especially in race and gender, that they are automatically victims. So, for example, black women are considered to be victims of slavery because of their race and because of their womanhood.

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Regnery Publishing, 2019 | 496 pages

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