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Sola Scriptura Ministries International, 2017 | 334 pages

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By Benjamin Montoya


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Jerry Bergman (Ph.D.) has taught biology, genetics, chemistry, biochemistry, anthropology, geology, and microbiology at the college/university level for over forty years.



The publication of Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species has had a profound influence on society. No doubt, it has influenced biology, but it has not stopped there. What this book will reveal is the profound, and detrimental, moral impact that his theory of evolution has had. The majority of the chapters will reveal the morally repulsive impacts that Darwin’s theory has had when people have applied it to other areas of life.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1  Darwin and morality
Chapter 2  Havelock Ellis: eugenic and sexual revolutionary
Chapter 3  Darwin, Kinsey and the sexual revolution
Chapter 4  Abortion leader Margaret Sanger: Darwinist, racist and eugenicist
Chapter 5  Evolution exploited to justify abortion
Chapter 6  The failure of psychoanalysis—Freud and Darwinism
Chapter 7  Friedrich Nietzsche: Anti-Christian Darwin disciple
Chapter 8  Social Darwinism leads to murder: The cases of Anders Behring Breivik and Charles Manson
Chapter 9  Benjamin Spock and Chet Raymo: The “baby doctor” and the Catholic turned atheist
Chapter 10  Academia’s Darwinian war against Christian morality
Chapter 11  Preaching Darwinism: A history of church support for eugenics
Chapter 12  Hitler’s Darwinian goals for the world
Chapter 13  Karl Pearson: Racist, warmonger and white supremacist
Chapter 14  Darwinism destroys aesthetic sensibility
Chapter 15  The failed attempt to prove Jewish inferiority by a skeleton collection
Chapter 16  Darwinism motivated Japanese sadism during World War IIChapter 17  Some brief conclusions




Chapter 1: Darwin and Morality

Darwin’s theory of evolution has impacted morality. But before we can see its effects, we need to begin by watching what his theory teaches. It teaches several things, but at its core, it has made three highly influential claims:

  1. The world and the universe are, in general, hostile places, not peaceful and orderly as previously thought.
  2. Humans have no special status and, thus, should be thought of in the same way any other creature in nature should be.
  3. The struggle for life made it extremely improbable that anything in the world exists specifically for our benefit or ill.

These claims have become the theological framework for many, even for those who claim to be atheists. Evolution is their theology. This position has had profound and detrimental moral impacts. The Nazi regime was motivated, in part, by evolution. The scientists who murdered other races not deemed as strong or as fit in the evolutionary model.


Chapter 2: Havelock Ellis: Eugenic and Sexual Revolutionary

Havelock Ellis was raised as a devout Christian, but due to the influence of Darwin’s theory of evolution on him personally and his work, he pioneered a eugenic and sexual revolution. How did someone who started as a Christian go so far in a different direction? As he read Darwin and in the field of eugenics, he abandoned his Christian beliefs and replaced them with what he read there. His position he labeled a “new morality.”

The result of this “new morality” is that Ellis advocated sexual practices that are still illegal and considered immoral today. He even advocated for bestiality for children. He married a woman who was a practicing lesbian. He used her to observe her interactions with other women, encouraging her to engage in the activity more and more. This is all the result of someone taking evolution and applying it to morality.

He maintained the same position for eugenics. Eugenics is essentially controlled breeding for humans to increase the occurrence of desired characteristics. It is science’s attempt to practice evolution. Ellis was a firm supporter of this practice because of his conviction for evolution.

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Sola Scriptura Ministries International, 2017 | 334 pages

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