“Human Responsibility and Freedom” and “The Problem of Evil,” Chapters 8-9 of THE DOCTRINE OF GOD, by John M. Frame

Published on July 28, 2020 by Benjamin J. Montoya

P & R Publishing, 2002 | 896 pages

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The Bible teaches God’s total sovereignty and man’s responsibility. There is mystery in how both of these truths are true simultaneously, but readers should affirm all that the Bible affirms regarding God’s sovereignty and man’s will. The notion of compatibilism is the one-word summary of what the Bible teaches on this important subject. The problem of evil is ably addressed by compatibilism, because God, who is not evil, is sovereign over the evil which human beings are responsible for. Without the existence of God, there could be no true recognition of good and evil. Believers can trust that our sovereign God, who has ordained all that takes place in this world, will triumph over evil and accomplish his mysterious purposes through it.


Table of Contents

8  Human Responsibility and Freedom
9  The Problem of Evil




Chapter 8: Human Responsibility and Freedom

Human beings are not only responsible for their choices, according to the Bible they are accountable to the God who made them. God is sovereign over human decisions and will bring them to account. With sovereign authority, he evaluates the deeds of man. People are responsible for their actions even though sin has caused a spiritual inability. Spiritual inability does not negate moral responsibility.

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P & R Publishing, 2002 | 896 pages

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