KNOWING GOD, by J. I. Packer

Published on January 19, 2023 by Eugene Ho

IVP, 2021 | 296 pages

A Brief Book Summary from Books At a Glance

by Kirsten Birkett 



Part I Know the Lord

  1. The study of God
  2. The people who know their God
  3. Knowing and being known
  4. The only true God
  5. God incarnate
  6. He shall testify

Part II Behold Your God!

  1. God unchanging
  2. The majesty of God
  3. God only wise
  4. God’s wisdom and ours
  5. Thy word is truth
  6. The love of God
  7. The grace of God
  8. God the judge
  9. The wrath of God
  10. Goodness and severity
  11. The jealous God

Part III If God Be for Us

  1. The heart of the gospel
  2. Sons of God
  3. Thou our Guide
  4. These inward trials
  5. The adequacy of God


General Summary

An exposition of many aspects of the doctrine of God, his character, his work, and how we should respond to him.



This is a book for the traveler along the way, not the theoretician bystander. The church is weakened by ignorance of God, because of two trends:

  • being conformed to the modern spirit, with “great thoughts of man” but “small thoughts of God”
  • being confused by modern skepticism; theology has failed at “its basic task of holding the church to the realities of the gospel.”

This book is a recall to old ways.


Part I:  Know the Lord


Chapter 1: The Study of God

Studying about God is intensely practical for living life. Without it, you “stumble and blunder through life.” Five basic truths:

  • God has spoken in his word, the Bible
  • God is Lord and King, displaying perfections in his deeds
  • God is savior
  • God is triune
  • Godliness, true religion, is responding in trust and obedience

Some themes: God’s godhead, powers, perfections, what pleases him. We should pursue knowledge of God, not for knowledge’s sake (that leads to pride), but knowing God. Meditate on God, with prayer and praise. . . .

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KNOWING GOD, by J. I. Packer

IVP, 2021 | 296 pages

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