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There are lots of people arguing for open borders. They want anyone and everyone to be able to come to the US, even those people who are terrorists. Why is that? People who want open borders also want to end the US as we know it. And do you want to know what is even worse about this all? We, the US taxpayers, are footing the bill.


There is even a 10-step plan for borders to be opened permanently:

  1. Brainwash the children. Feed them “Teaching Tolerance” propaganda peddled by the Southern Poverty Law Center: “Display signs with messages like ‘Migration is Beautiful’ and ‘No Human Being is Illegal.’” Teach them to despise any form of enforcement.
  2. Infiltrate the churches. Use guilt to pressure good people to abet the Vatican’s pursuit of power around the world. Twist the words of the Bible to defend reckless sanctuary policies and the lucrative refugee resettlement racket. Rake in billions of dollars to help Catholic operators of shelters across Mexico and Central America. Keep the Church’s books closed and the borders open.
  3. Find a foreign billionaire hostile to America (it’s easy if you try). Get him to fund a vast network of faith-based and secular non-profit “charities” so large that it is impossible to track all their work, spending, and coordination among themselves and with meddling international agencies and foreign governments. Deny, deny, deny that the network exists. Smear all who shed light on the network as racists, xenophobes, and anti-Semites. Repeat loudly and often.
  4. Sow constant fear and division by promoting multiculturalism and diversity in universities, the media, and Hollywood twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
  5. Invoke the Statue of Liberty over the U.S. Constitution in every immigration debate. Hijack the definition of “Who We Are” as a country. Obliterate the true meaning of “refugee” to facilitate the passage of migrant caravans full of job-seekers across our border. Create a refugee resettlement racket under the guise of humanitarianism that enriches the operators while burdening local communities with the crime, conflict, and costs of refugee dumps sponsored by the United Nations. Scream “raaacist!” if anyone complains.
  6. Take over law schools and never let go. Train legions of immigration lawyers, law clerks, and future men and women in black robes to embrace a ruinous combination of open borders and judicial supremacism.
  7. Co-opt the Republican Party establishment. Exploit the statist U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s and the agricultural lobby’s thirst for cheap labor. Ally with Never Trumpers to prevent the southern border wall from ever being completed. Quietly lobby for cheap worker visa increases and mini-amnesties while the American public is distracted by non-essential partisan bickering.
  8. Normalize violence against sovereignty activists. Spread “Punch a Nazi” memes on TV shows and in social media. Collaborate with open-borders journalists to downplay bloodthirsty anarchist movements and hype “hate crimes” reports by well-funded grievance-mongering operations (such as the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Council on American-Islamic Relations). “Doxx,” defame, and harass grassroots activists and social media influencers to keep them on the margins of the public square.
  9. Ban the following words, phrases, and concepts from acceptable discourse on immigration: invasion, illegal, alien, MS-13, crime, disease, fraud, Soros, chain migration, mob, animals, sharia, 9/11, Constitution, Make America Great Again, and, of course, open borders.
  10. Prevent Americans from investigating the profiteers and engineers behind the “global migration crisis.” Brand them as dangerous conspiracy nuts and push them off every available platform. Do not let them follow the money.


Table of Contents


Open Borders Inc.: By the Numbers

Chapter 1  Sin Fronteras: All Abroad the Caravan Cartel

Chapter 2  George Soros: The CEO of Open Borders Inc.

Chapter 3  Unholy Alliance: The Pope, Catholic Bishops, and Amnesty Profiteers

Chapter 4  Wretched Refuse: The Refugee Resettlement Racket

Chapter 5  The A-Team: Abolish ICE, Antifa, and Sanctuary Anarchists

Chapter 6  Hate Machine: The Southern Poverty Law Center

Chapter 7  Hollywood or Hollywall? Inside the Fortress of Celebrity Hypocrisy

Chapter 8  Fact Check: True, the Liberal Media Hates America

Conclusion  Border Defenders’ Action Plan



Chapter 1: Sin Fronteras: All Abroad the Caravan Cartel

The left wants open borders in the US. That is no secret. Under leftist presidency like Obama’s, there were all kinds of illegal immigrants allowed into the US that its citizens then supported with their tax dollars. That is what is happening especially with children who immigrate illegally. What could be so bad about that? Should we not care about people from other countries who want to come?

The problem is this: “Amnesty begets amnesty. Immigration anarchy breeds more anarchy. Sanctioned lawlessness spawns ever more militant, entitled outlaws.” There is plenty of proof that some of the people coming into our country are not the kind of people we want to come in. But when you have a president who wants open borders, they want anyone and everyone to come in, especially when they support their anti-America agenda. Because of a variety of organizations and laws put in place, there are all kinds of support systems available to people who immigrate illegally. Take this one example:

The 1986 amnesty allowed immigration outlaw Irineo Mujica to remain in America, get an education, earn a living, and establish himself as an illegal alien advocate on both sides of the border. He joined forces with defiant illegal alien deportee Elvira Arellano, who has been agitating against American sovereignty since her document-fraud arrest in 2002. During the Obama years, multiple caravans coalesced in Mexico, enabling untold numbers of Central American and Mexican illegal aliens to breach our borders—all with the aid and comfort of Catholic priests, Vatican-subsidized shelters, European NGOs, and Soros satellites. Pueblo Sin Fronteras has been explicit about its agenda for years: “Our mission is to provide shelter and safety to migrants and refugees in transit, accompany them in their journey, and together demand respect for our human rights.”

Essentially what is happening is that organizations like Open Borders Inc. are saying this: “ask not what you can do for your country, but what you can demand of the countries you invade.” That is just what is going on, especially as you track the money trail. It is costing us a fortune, and we do not even have a say in it because of these organizations that have found ways to use our tax dollars to accomplish their efforts.

Thankfully, Trump has slowed down the open border efforts. But can you imagine how much worse things would have been under Hillary Clinton?


Chapter 2: George Soros: The CEO of Open Borders Inc.

George Soros is the CEO of Open Borders Inc. This company seeks to create open borders in the US. They collect all kinds of financial support to that end. Soros is the Hungarian born mastermind behind the mass-migration chaos. Why does he want this? The reason is simple: control. People like Soros want open borders so that they can control the country to turn it into what they want. We live in a free country, but how they go about achieving their goal is alarming.

First, they are not just using money given to their organization; they are also using taxpayer dollars to accomplish their goals. This must be exposed because whether or not the constituents agree with it, they are footing the bill. They and other related organizations have found ways to garner our tax dollars. If we want to protect our country, we cannot remain silent.

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