Published on April 13, 2016 by Joshua Centanni

Crossway, 2007 | 384 pages

In this important book the authors seek to establish the biblical foundations of the penal substitutionary death of Christ and provide answer to contemporary criticisms of this centrally important doctrine. As a “Bonus Summary” for our members we provide this brief sketch of chapter 2.

In chapter 1 the author “set the scene” with regard to the contemporary debate regarding penal substitution, highlighting the works of critics and those who have responded to their challenge. The chapter provides a bibliographical survey of both sides of the discussion, both popular and academic. The authors wind up their introductory chapter with a summary statement of their agenda and a quick overview of the rest of the book.

Chapter 2 sets out to establish that the doctrine of penal substitution is not merely a tangential inference of Scripture but a doctrine that is “clearly taught,” a “central emphasis of foundational passages.” We will list for you here each passage they discuss, along with just brief comments.

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Crossway, 2007 | 384 pages

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