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unknown, 2013 | 354 pages

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A Summary – Review by Michael Plato

It is perhaps necessary to begin with a small confession. I am something of a fan of the Roman Catholic YouTube commentator Father Robert Barron. Though widely known for hosting his PBS series on the Roman Catholic Church, he regularly appears on his own YouTube channel where he discusses issues of Catholic theology. Often enough, however, he will reflect on the latest Hollywood blockbuster or the most recent celebrity dust up. While I usually disagree with him about as much as I agree with him, what I find most engaging about watching and listening to him is the striking contrasts he presents. Here is a man who discusses the inanities of America’s botocracy and its ephemeral commodities with such relish, who is at the same time utterly comfortable in his deeply unfashionable clerical garb, non-hipster approved glasses and ten dollar haircut. He is a man of the church and a deep thinker, yet from this perspective he can provide some remarkable insights into the non-catholic culture which surrounds him, appreciating it while never feeling the need to immerse himself in it and become a part of it. Would it ever be possible for the evangelical world to produce an equivalent figure?

This in not to say that evangelicals have not been making the effort to comprehend and interpret the culture from a biblical perspective. It’s just that …


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unknown, 2013 | 354 pages

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