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Christian Focus, 2017 | 117 pages

A Brief Book Summary from Books At A Glance

By Clay Werner



This book seeks to explore and explain the Lord’s Prayer and utilize it as a pattern for believers to pray through. Each petition is discussed with thoughtful application given throughout.



Chapter 1: Pray…In This Way
Chapter 2: Our Father
Chapter 3: Reverence
Chapter 4: The Kingdom
Chapter 5: God’s Will…and Ours
Chapter 6: Our Daily Bread
Chapter 7: Forgiveness
Chapter 8: Temptation
Chapter 9: Kingdom, Power, and Glory



Chapter 1: Pray…In This Way

The use of the Lord’s Prayer has always led to much discussion. Should it only be used privately? Should it be recited in public worship? The Westminster Confession of Faith and its Directory of Worship was driven by the regulative principle of worship and thus sought to not bind the conscience of believers over specific forms of prayer that must be used in services. This is why, in many nonconformist churches, you would not have found a recitation of the Lord’s Prayer in the public worship.

For purposes of instruction, it is crucial to see the Lord’s Prayer as a pattern for prayer. While many find it difficult to pray, Satan himself actively opposes prayer in our lives because he knows its power. However, if we are to grow in spiritual maturity we most grow in prayer. This is why there are many actual prayers found in scripture and why so many in church history have written at length about prayer.

As a pattern for prayer, the Lord’s Prayer helps us with balance in what we pray about and for. The prayer is filled with worship, focused not only on asking for what we need but also helping us to focus on God’s kingdom expanding. The Lord’s prayer is also simple. It helps us see prayer as a conversation with God, as a covenantal reality where we can call on God as our Father at any place or time, and as a help to keep us consistent in regular times of prayer.


Chapter 2: Our Father

The Lord’s Prayer not only teaches us how to live in fellowship with God in the New Covenant but it is also packed with rich theology. Foremost, it declares the incredible reality that our Creator can be our Father through the gospel. This truth should profoundly affect our lives. However, God’s Fatherhood isn’t spoken of exactly the same throughout Scripture. Scripture can refer to God as a Creator-Father (Mal. 2:10; Acts 17:28; Jms 1:17). Jesus passionately called. . .

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