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A Brief Book Summary from Books At a Glance

by Steve West


About the Author

Arthur W. Pink was the author of numerous books on biblical and theological issues. He was well-known for teaching and defending Calvinism.


Table of Contents

The Scriptures and Sin
The Scriptures and God
The Scriptures and Christ
The Scriptures and Prayer
The Scriptures and Good Works
The Scriptures and Obedience
The Scriptures and the World
The Scriptures and the Promises
The Scriptures and Joy
The Scriptures and Love




Chapter 1: The Scriptures and Sin

“There is grave reason to believe that much Bible reading and Bible study of the last few years has been of no spiritual profit to those who engaged in it. Yea, we go further; we greatly fear that in many instances it has proved a curse rather than a blessing.” Learning something new in any field can be exciting, so it is possible that we can grow excited about learning things in Scripture even when there is no spiritual benefit to our soul. In fact, learning Scripture can stoke our pride and lead us to be quarrelsome. Scripture is not given for our own ego or intellectual gratification, but rather is given to convict us of our sin and show us God. When we see our sin according to the character and standard of God, we should mourn and sorrow over it. If our Bible reading does not lead us to see sin, sorrow over it, and confess it to God, our reading is in vain. Scripture will lead us to hate sin, and as such it leads us to spurn and forsake our wickedness. God’s word leads us to love him and delight in holiness. It empowers us to resist the devil and it fortifies us against sin. We need to read, memorize, and meditate on God’s promises, warnings, and commands. It is God’s truth that keeps us from falling into temptation and sin, and it is his truth that orients our conscience. Since God’s word is inimical to all sin, it calls us not merely to leave off sinning, but to embrace and live out righteousness in ways that are pleasing and honoring to God. . . .

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CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2015 | 110 pages

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