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GLH Publishing, 2020 | 190 pages

A Brief Book Summary from Books At a Glance

by Steve West


About the Author

Arthur W. Pink was the author of numerous books on biblical and theological issues. He was well-known for teaching and defending Calvinism.


Table of Contents

Part 1 – Signs of the Times
Part 2 – Saving Faith
Part 3 – Coming to Christ
Part 4 – Assurance




Part 1 – Signs of the Times

Many are assuming that the gospel is still being widely and accurately proclaimed, but this assumption is ill-founded. Much of contemporary evangelism simply fails to show sinners their true plight and the reality of who Christ is. The contemporary gospel is radically defective because it studiously neglects the doctrine of depravity. Today, what many people hear as the gospel is not a saving message, and many are under wrath while erroneously being convinced that they going to heaven. The gospel is not apart from the law of God; to embrace the Savior, people need to be brought to terms with their lost and hopeless condition. Christ does not merely save us from hell, he saves us from sin. Too often preachers today tell people that Christ has purchased salvation, and it is now up to every individual to reach out and take the proffered gift. But this denies the extent of our sin and fails to uphold the truth that salvation is by grace alone. We need faith, but we also need repentance. Christ is Lord, and no one is saved by him who rejects his Lordship over their lives. As Lord, Christ enforces the law of God and enacts divine rule in power and authority. Today, genuine believers must not compromise the saving gospel or have fellowship with those who do. . . . .

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GLH Publishing, 2020 | 190 pages

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