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unknown, 2015 | 254 pages

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Sam A. Andreades is senior pastor of Faith Reformed Presbyterian Church in Quarryville, Pennsylvania. Previously, he was a pastor for ten and a half years in Greenwich Village, New York City, and is the founder of Higher Ground (originally called G.A.M.E.: Gender Affirming Ministry Endeavor), a New York City ministry of Christian discipleship serving those with unwanted same-sex attractions. He is a graduate of Yale University (B.S., geology and geophysics), Reformed Theological Seminary (M.Div., pastoral ministry), New York University (M.S., artificial intelligence), and Covenant Theological Seminary (D.Min., urban mission and ministry) where he wrote his dissertation on gender distinction in marriage. Sam is the husband of his wife of twenty-five years, Mary K., and the father of their four children, Thaddaeus, Jeremy, Veronica, and Enoch.

In this book Sam Andreades explores the biblical teaching on gender identity, distinction, and role. He weaves together biblical, theological, sociological, and psychological data in support of his claim that gender differences are God given gifts and are necessary for human flourishing. He examines marriage relationships and provides a strong case for the necessity of inter-gendered marriage. Rather than simply focusing on what men and women cannot do, he provides a positive framework in which gender differences are seen as sources of unique strength that result in special blessings in relationships. He also helpfully differentiates the cultural trappings of gender expectations from gender itself. It is in the triune Godhead and the relationship between Christ and the church where the glory of unity in diversity is seen. Men and women are to mirror these realities and enter into intimate relationships that are fulfilling and honoring to each other and the Lord.
Table of Contents


Part One
The Way through the Thicket: Who We Are and Where Relationships Come From
Chapter 1
We Have Lost the Trail of Relational Love
Chapter 2
The God of Closeness Has Shown Himself
Chapter 3
Gender is Hard to Talk About for Good Reason
Chapter 4
They Are Equal in Power and Glory
Chapter 5
Gender Matters in Relationship
Chapter 6
Sex Differences Form the Platform of God’s Gift

Part Two
The Trail Markers: Embracing Asymmetry for the Other
Chapter 7
The Grand Asymmetries of Gender Give Us Specialities
Chapter 8
The Asymmetry of Origin: The Man of the Solid Ground and the Woman of the Resting Rib
Chapter 9
The Asymmetry of Order (Part 1): The Firstborn
Chapter 10
The Asymmetry of Order (Part 2): The Promoter
Chapter 11
The Asymmetry of Intent: The Commissioned and the Empowerer
Chapter 12
Gender Specialities: Banishing Independence
Chapter 13
Culture: The Clothes of Gender

Part Three
The Inner Wood: The Dynamics of Getting Close
Chapter 14
The Purpose of the Genders: A Gift to Foster Intimacy
Chapter 15
Deeper Still: Dynamics for Intergendered Intimacy
Chapter 16
Sex: Respecting the Platform of Distinction
Chapter 17
Continuum of Closeness: When Gender Does and Doesn’t Matter
Chapter 18
The Immense Invitation
Appendix 1:  A Theology of Gender
Appendix 2:  The Structure of Judges: We Need a King

Part One (chapters 1-6)
The Way through the Thicket: Who We Are and Where Relationships Come From

Carefully reading the New Testament passages that explicitly address marriage relationships reveals that their main focus is on gender distinctions and gender roles. In our society gender is discussed frequently, but it is surrounded by controversy and lack of clarity. Even in universities and amongst feminists there are raging debates about what constitutes gender. Since people cannot even agree on what gender is, it is not surprising that there is great confusion about how the different genders are to interact and behave. Gender is a ….


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Engendered: God's Gift Of Gender Differences In Relationship

unknown, 2015 | 254 pages

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