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BMH Books, 2009 | 200 pages

About the Author

Larry E. McCall has pastored Christ’s Covenant Church, Winona Lake, Indiana, since 1981. Pastor McCall and his wife, Gladine, have three married children.


Christ calls husbands to love their wives the way that he loves the church. Jesus is the model that all husbands are to imitate. This book points out the many ways that Jesus expresses his love for the church, but it then goes on to show husbands how they can love their wives the way Jesus loves his bride. The gospel of Jesus Christ is put at centre stage, and then it is applied in practical ways to the marriage relationship. Husbands are not only encouraged and challenged to love as Jesus loves, they are given instruction on how to draw on God’s resources and find help in caring for their wives the way that they should. This book is designed to help husbands follow Jesus and love their wives with the same type of love with which Christ loves the church. It applies biblical principles in practical ways. By God’s grace, husbands can grow in the depth and quality of their love for their wives. When they do so, marriage can be honoring to God and an incredible source of delight, joy, and holy love.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1  The Perfect Husband
Chapter 2  A Predetermined Love
Chapter 3  A Peerless Love, Part 1
Chapter 4  A Peerless Love, Part 2
Chapter 5  A Practical Love
Chapter 6  A Protecting Love
Chapter 7  A Purposeful Love
Chapter 8  A Providing Love
Chapter 9  A Passionate Love
Chapter 10 A Praying Love
Chapter 11 A Purifying Love
Chapter 12 A Pardoning Love
Chapter 13 A Persevering Love
Chapter 14 The Challenges and Rewards of Christlike Love
Appendix A A Personal Relationship with God
Appendix B For the Man with an Unconverted Wife
Appendix C For the Man in a Particularly Difficult Marriage
Appendix D Starting a Men’s Accountability Group

Book Summary

Chapter 1
The Perfect Husband

Although little could be more important than being a good husband, very few men have had godly mentors and models who have coached them or shown them how to a husband is to act. Nevertheless, the Bible presents Jesus Christ as the great model that all husbands are to imitate. Every husband is called to love his wife just as Christ loved the church. Marriage is referred to by the Apostle Paul as a mystery. This does not mean that it is hard to understand – it means that unless God had revealed the deeper significance of marriage, nobody would have discerned it. The mystery of marriage is that it is a picture of the relationship that Jesus Christ has with the church. More particularly, in marriage husbands are to love their wives so deeply that their love demonstrates the same type of love that Christ has for the church.

Christ’s love for the church is …


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BMH Books, 2009 | 200 pages

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