THE CASE AGAINST SOCIALISM, by Rand Paul with Kelley Ashby Paul

Published on February 25, 2020 by Benjamin J. Montoya

Broadside Books, 2019 | 368 pages

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By Benjamin J. Montoya


Editor’s Note:  Here we continue our series of “Bonus” summaries focusing on matters of cultural, societal, and political interest. We hope you enjoy!


About the Authors

U.S. Senator Rand Paul, M.D., is one of the nation’s leading advocates for liberty. Elected to the United States Senate in 2010, he has proven to be an outspoken champion for constitutional liberties and fiscal responsibility.

Kelley Ashby Paul serves as Kentucky co-chair of Helping A Hero, a wounded veterans charity that has built over 100 fully adapted homes for soldiers who have suffered severe injuries.  Kelley also serves on the board for the Coalition for Public Safety, a bipartisan organization dedicated to criminal justice reform.

Rand and Kelley have been married since 1990 and are the parents of three sons.



One of the major underlying political feuds of our day is the battle between capitalism and socialism. People hear of the supposed benefits of socialism with all of its freebies—free healthcare, free college education, and more. But there are plenty of people against socialism, including President Donald Trump. He is a firm supporter of capitalism. In this book Senator Rand Paul makes a compelling case against socialism.


Table of Contents

Part I  Because Eating Your Pets Is Overrated—Socialism Creates Poverty

Chapter 1  Socialism Destroyed Venezuela’s Once Vibrant Economy

Chapter 2  Socialism Rewards Corruption

Chapter 3  Interfering with Free Market Causes Shortages

Chapter 4  Capitalism Is the More Moral System

Chapter 5  Capitalism Benefits the Middle Class

Chapter 6  Income Inequality Does Not Ruin the Economy or Corrupt Government

Chapter 7  Under Capitalism, the 1 Percent Is Always Changing

Chapter 8  The Poor Are Better Off Under Capitalism

Part II  Capitalism Makes Scandinavia Great

Chapter 9  Bernie’s Socialism Also Includes Praise for Dictators

Chapter 10  Today’s American Socialists Don’t Know What Socialism Means

Chapter 11  Bernie Sanders Is Too Liberal to Get Elected in Denmark

Chapter 12  No, Bernie, Scandinavia Is Not Socialist

Chapter 13  Sweden’s Riches Actually Came from Capitalism

Chapter 14  The Nordic Model Is Welfarism, Not Socialism

Chapter 15  Sweden Is Shrinking Taxes and Welfare

Chapter 16  Welfarism Requires High Middle-Class Taxes

Chapter 17  American Scandinavians Have It Better Here Than in Scandinavia

Chapter 18  Swedish College Is Free, but It’s Not Cheap or Universal

Part III  A Boot Stamping on the Human Face Forever—Socialism and Authoritarianism

Chapter 19  Socialism Becomes Authoritarianism

Chapter 20  Hitler Was a Socialist

Chapter 21  The Nazis Hated Capitalism

Chapter 22  The Nazis Didn’t Believe in Private Property

Chapter 23  Socialism Encourages Eugenics

Chapter 24  Your Degree of Enthusiasm for Socialism May Decide Whether You Live or Die

Part IV  Socialism Doesn’t Create Equality

Chapter 25  Socialism Promises Equality and Leads to Tyranny

Chapter 26  All Aspects of Culture Eventually Become Targets for the Planners

Chapter 27  If No One Has to Work, No One Will

Chapter 28  The Cure for Failed Socialism Is Always More Socialism

Chapter 29  Poetry Can Be Dangerous Under Socialism

Chapter 30  It’s Not Socialism Without Purges

Part V  Where Are These Angels? The Philosophy of Socialism

Chapter 31  Socialism Expects Selfless Rulers and Citizens

Chapter 32 Progress Comes from Rebels and Dreamers

Chapter 33  Freedom Is Not the Inevitable Outcome of History and Must Be Protected

Part VI: Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste: Socialism and Alarmism

Chapter 34  Socialism Leads to Cronyism

Chapter 35  If Socialists Can’t Find a Crisis, They Will Create One

Chapter 36  Socialism and Climate Change Alarmism Go Together

Chapter 37  Socialist Green New Deal Allows for No Dissent

Chapter 38  Fake News and Propaganda on the Rise in America

Chapter 39  Welcome to the Panopticon: FaceCrime, PreCrime, and the Surveillance State




Part I: Because Eating Your Pets Is Overrated—Socialism Creates Poverty

Chapter 1: Socialism Destroyed Venezuela’s Once Vibrant Economy

It is probably difficult to imagine this fact for many of our current readers, but Venezuela used to have a vibrant economy from the oil industry. But in comparison to today, things have changed drastically. What happened?

Socialism happened. Socialism is a poison that destroys everything and everyone it touches. When Chavez took over and made the oil industry part of the government, this socialistic approach ruined the country. The citizens of Venezuela realized this, protested even, but as always happens in socialist countries, they were persecuted, silenced, and killed.


Chapter 2: Socialism Rewards Corruption

Many politicians who argue for socialism do so on the basis of fairness—that resources will be more spread out among the people. Does that really happen? Historically, absolutely not. What actually occurs is that the people at the top, usually the dictator, get richer and richer while everyone else—even medical doctors—become poorer and poorer. The rulers will live like fat cats. They get whatever they want whenever. But the people starve because of it. Every single time that socialism has been applied—regardless of the country—the outcome remains the same. We would be fools if we thought a more recent application of socialism would be any different.

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THE CASE AGAINST SOCIALISM, by Rand Paul with Kelley Ashby Paul

Broadside Books, 2019 | 368 pages

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