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Day One Publications, 1998 | 228 pages

A Brief Book Summary from Books At a Glance

By Benjamin Montoya


In This Book, You Will Learn:

  • The meaning of the doctrine of justification
  • How this doctrine has been understood and misunderstood through Church History
  • How both the OT and the NT speak to this doctrine
  • Some of the modern attempts to alter this doctrine for the sake of unity
  • How to understand this doctrine, its results, and implications


The Larger Contribution of This Book:

The doctrine of justification by faith alone in Christ alone by grace alone is the doctrine on which the church stands or falls. Eveson’s book so helpful unpacks this doctrine, explains and interacts with attempts to change it, and shows how we can and should stand firm on this doctrine. Although there are countless books and articles that address the same points that Eveson does, his book helpfully draws from so many to provide an accessible version to a much wider audience.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1  Introduction

Part One  The Biblical Evidence

Chapter 2  Justification in Paul’s Letters
Chapter 3  Justification in Other New Testament Books
Chapter 4  Justification in the Old Testament
Chapter 5  The “Right” Words

Part Two  Evangelicals and Rome
Chapter 6  Justification and the Evangelical Protestant Position
Chapter 7  Justification and Rome’s Present Position
Chapter 8  Justification and Unity

Part Three  Modern Revision
Chapter 9  The Wright Position
Chapter 10  Is Wright Right?

Part Four  Justification Today
Chapter 11  Getting it Right
Chapter 12  Right with God



Chapter 1: Introduction

The doctrine of justification by faith alone was the rallying cry of the Protestant Reformation; yet, today the doctrine means next to nothing to the present generation. Preaching and teaching is nearly altogether absent on this crucial topic. What was once so important is now neglected. Furthermore, what once so clearly divided Protestants and Roman Catholics now seems to be lost by many as they seek to define the doctrine so both sides can agree. Similarly, some of the more recent research on this doctrine has redefined the doctrine. More positively, though, how should we think about this doctrine? What does the Bible teach? What did the Reformers’ think about this doctrine? How should we think about modern scholarship? This book will seek to answer these questions and more.


Part One:  The Biblical Evidence

Chapter 2: Justification in Paul’s Letters

The doctrine of justification by faith alone can be found in both the OT and NT. But, we find it most clearly explained in Romans 3:21–26.

  1. Paul points out there is now an open secret when he says “But now…” There has been the dawn of a new era in Christ. God has now made a way to provide salvation to people from all people groups in Christ.  
  2. This new era involves continuity and discontinuity. It has come apart from the Mosiac Law because Christ fulfilled the Law. Both the Law and the Prophets pointed to the coming of Christ’s work, the salvation he would provide, and the righteousness he would impart.
  3. What has come is the righteousness of God. This term is identical with justification. God has provided justification for sinners in Christ in this new era. Paul explains this point in more detail in Romans 4 and 5.  
  4. The righteousness of God is received through faith in Christ. Faith, in itself, has no value; it is the way we embrace Christ who provides salvation for us. Faith is the required means of trusting in Christ, though.
  5. The righteousness of God in Christ is universally available to all who believe in Christ. To be clear, it is only for those who believe in Christ; but, believing in Christ is open to everyone—regardless of their ethnicity.  
  6. And the reason why, is because of the universal condition of humanity. We are all sinful and have fallen short of God’s perfect requirement of his glory. God is perfectly glorious and majestic, but our sin puts us so far away from that that there is no hope for us except in Christ.
  7. Justification comes freely by God’s grace. We can never earn it or do anything good that. . .
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Day One Publications, 1998 | 228 pages

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