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Banner of Truth, 1959 | 165 pages

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by Steve West


About the Author

Arthur W. Pink was the author of numerous books on biblical and theological issues. He was well-known for teaching and defending Calvinism.



The Sovereignty of God is perhaps Pink’s best-known work, and its impact was massive. It sets forth a strong view of God’s absolute sovereignty over all things. Pink rejects all forms of free will (Arminian) theology and challenges the church to move to a Calvinistic view of God’s sovereignty.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Sovereignty of God and the Present Day
Chapter 2 The Sovereignty of God Defined
Chapter 3 The Sovereignty of God in Creation
Chapter 4 The Sovereignty of God in Administration
Chapter 5 The Sovereignty of God in Salvation
Chapter 6 The Sovereignty of God in Operation
Chapter 7 God’s Sovereignty and the Human Will
Chapter 8 God’s Sovereignty and Prayer
Chapter 9 Our Attitude Towards God’s Sovereignty
Chapter 10 The Value of this Doctrine




Chapter 1: The Sovereignty of God and the Present Day

Many today say that God reigns in heaven, but they deny that he reigns on earth. Here on earth, it is natural law, Satan, and the free will of man that is often declared to hold sway. Many who go into churches hear messages that remove regulatory control from the hands of God. In the end, their version of God is to be pitied more than worshiped. But is this what Scripture says? Scripture presents God as sovereignly ruling in his nature and attributes: The Devil is not in control of this world. Today we need to set forth the full sovereign power and rule of God.

God is the Creator, not the creature; he is unlimited in knowledge and power. Although we live surrounded by mystery, God is never surprised, and the Bible tells us all that we need to know about his wisdom and rule. We need to respond to God’s truth with faith. It is only when we recognize that everything that befalls us comes from God’s hand that we can find rest and peace. If we walk by sight and our own unguided reason, we will fall and move towards atheism. God’s ways and judgments are beyond our ability to search out, and so we must submit to him and the teaching of the Word of truth. . . .

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Banner of Truth, 1959 | 165 pages

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