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Banner of Truth, 1965 | 494 pages

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by Steve West


Editor’s Note:  Most of our readers will already be at least somewhat acquainted with John Owen (1616-1683), “the prince of Puritans,” but it is not likely that many have read him extensively. His works are not only voluminous – they are tightly packed and deeply considered. Owen is neither quick nor light reading!

Today we are pleased to continue our year-long series of summaries of Owen’s famous works. We trust these will be of help in introducing and/or increasing your acquaintance with this giant Puritan theologian.


Table of Contents: Volume One

Life of Owen, by Andrew Thomson
On the Person of Christ
Meditations and Discourses on the Glory of Christ (Part I)
Meditations and Discourses on the Glory of Christ (Part 2)
Two Short Catechisms


Summary, Part 2


On The Person of Christ


Chapter XIII & XIV

Although it can be difficult to love that which is unseen, God has made us for this purpose and endowed our souls with the ability to love him supremely. God has designed us so that we can love him with a stronger love than which we love anything else, and putting anything in his place is an expression of our apostasy. Sin makes it hard for us to love God as we ought. Through Christ, we can love the divine goodness for its very nature and also for the benefits it extends to us. In love, we find our rest and enjoyment in him. Love unites the mind and soul with the object of love.

When we love God, our desire is to be assimilated to him and be like him, as much as our finite capacities allow. Those who love God in their hearts cannot help but praise his name. We are servants, but because of his love we are also called his friends, and we serve with the love and joy of friendship. Our love for the Son incarnate comes from meditating on the presentation of him in Scripture. God is delighted in the love that believers have for his Son. The eye of faith perceives the beauties of Christ as revealed in Scripture. The foundation of our love for Christ is that the Scriptures present him as altogether lovely.

When God commanded Israel to love him and to have no other gods before him, he reminded them that he was the only God and their Redeemer. We are to love the person of Christ, but we are led to the person of Christ first on the basis of seeing what he has done for us. We will never be able to exhaust all of the things Christ has done for us. The first general category of motives for loving Christ is found in his acts, and the second is found in the spring and fountain of those acts (i.e. his love for us). If we have any understanding of the love of Christ that led to our redemption, we will respond with love and obedience. . . .

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Banner of Truth, 1965 | 494 pages

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