Hannah Ahlgren’s Review of WE BELIEVE: AN ALPHABET PRIMER, by Danielle Hitchen

Published on March 2, 2021 by Benjamin J. Montoya

Harvest House Publishers, 2020 | 24 pages

A Kids & Moms Book Review from Books At a Glance

By Hannah Ahlgren


As a mom of two, I have been especially grateful for the amazing theological board books that seem to be constantly coming out. We Believe: An Alphabet Primer is now one of my favorites to read to my kids. Written by Danielle Hitchen and illustrated by Jessica Blanchard, this primer teaches younger kids the basics of what we believe as followers of Jesus.

Starting with A and ending on Z, each letter stands for something we believe as Christians. Kids will get a glimpse of theology by hearing definitions of words like everlasting life, Holy Spirit, Jesus, New and Old Testament, Saved from Sin, Victory, Zion (God’s Holy City), and everything in-between. Each word has a short verse or phrase to explain further detail in words that the smallest child can begin to understand. Much of the text is taken from the Nicene Creed and The Apostles Creed. The artwork goes beautifully with the words and illustrates what each word is talking about. The B\book fulfills this in a creative and helpful way.

Our four-year-old son noticed there are a lot of things that tie in together throughout the book. For example, the Holy Spirit, God, and Jesus artwork tie into the Trinity page to emphasize the connection. I was glad to see him learning more about the Trinity through the artwork!

I am so happy to read this to my children as we work to lay the groundwork for their faith. Even if they can’t understand all the words or phrases just yet, these things are being hidden and buried in their hearts for a time when the Lord will make himself known to them. I am so thankful for books like this that help parents teach their kids about the things of the Lord.


Hannah Ahlgren

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Harvest House Publishers, 2020 | 24 pages

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