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H&E Publishing, 2021 | 189 pages

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What a great idea for a book, and this is from our long-time friend and favorite church historian, Dr. Michael Haykin.

Does the study of church history seem too daunting to you? Here’s a great place to begin. Fifty-two weekly, bite-sized reflections from an accomplished church historian. You’ll find your understanding of church history growing and your appreciation for its relevance increasing with each read. Fascinating vignettes, insightful reflections, edifying and enjoyable reading.

Excellent for bedtime reading, and perfect for Christmas giving!


Table of Contents

  1. “Every Christian ought to be a good historian”
  2. On papyrus
  3. A “frantic passion for purple”
  4. Confessing the deity of the Holy Spirit
  5. Converted by the Word of God
  6. Introducing Macarius
  7. Macarius on being human
  8. Macarius on the sweetness of being a Christian
  9. Basil of Caesarea’s friendship with Eusebius of Samosata
  10. We are all Augustinians
  11. Augustine on the Bible
  12. Introducing Bede
  13. Bede as a model historian
  14. John of Damascus
  15. Wisdom from Theodulf of Orléans
  16. The church and the bubonic plague
  17. Why we still need to remember the Reformation
  18. The egg-laying of Erasmus
  19. Revival at Heidelberg, 1518
  20. Solo Sancto Spiritu: Luther at Worms in 1521
  21. To spite the Pope
  22. The Reformers divided
  23. The emergence of the Anabaptists
  24. The best of Anabaptist thought
  25. William Tyndale’s New Testament
  26. “The loss of land and life I’ll reckon slight”
  27. Hugh Latimer: England’s prophet during the Reformation
  28. “To suffer for God’s holy Word’s sake”
  29. John Calvin and his Institutes
  30. John Calvin’s reflections on marriage
  31. John Calvin and the Servetus affair
  32. Katherine Willoughby, the Puritan Duchess
  33. Richard Greenham: architect of Puritan pastoral piety
  34. Roaring John Rogers
  35. The church and the bubonic plague in later Stuart England
  36. Margaret Charlton Baxter: a Puritan wife
  37. The “coffee-man in Southwark”: James Jones
  38. The hymns of Watts and the conversion of George Thomson
  39. John Gill comes to London
  40. “Moravianism at its loveliest and best”
  41. Being Anne Steele
  42. Loving the lost
  43. Jonathan Edwards: a theologian of love
  44. “The most pleasing colour”
  45. Recalling the life and ministry of David Zeisberger
  46. “Sweet solemnity and ardent love”
  47. A meeting with John Berridge, the gospel pedlar
  48. A wee note of Abraham Booth and our need for gentleness
  49. Remembering Zenas Trivett
  50. Listening afresh to C.H. Spurgeon
  51. Remembering H.M. Gwatkin
  52. Revival and the formation of a Toronto church in 1919



Dustin Benge:
“Historian Michael A.G. Haykin welcomes us into his world of historical peculiarities, fascinating biographies, and intriguing stories. These enriching readings provide a window into divine providence as it unfolds in God’s grand redemptive history. While scholarly in substance,  The Weekly Historian is wonderfully readable, carefully accessible, and will no doubt ignite your curiosity for more as you discover your place in God’s story.”


Ray Rhodes:
The Weekly Historian: 52 Reflections on Christian History is the latest book from the prolific pen of Michael A.G. Haykin. The book is a ‘taster of the riches of the past history of Christianity.’ This ‘taster’ will whet your appetite for more such nourishing food from the banquet table of church history, one covered with scrolls, books, pen, and ink. From papyrus to purple and from Macarius to Spurgeon, you will encounter fascinating subjects and intriguing characters in Weekly. My favorite chapter is ‘A Frantic Passion for Purple.’ Haykin’s interest in color is not the odd curiosity of an out-of-touch historian, but a lesson in the providence of God in the advancement of the gospel. I plan to read The Weekly Historian to my daughters and I anticipate loving every minute of such a happy endeavor. Read this book for the sheer pleasure of the experience but also as a means to better understand the present and to more courageously face the future via these delightful stories of the past.”

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H&E Publishing, 2021 | 189 pages

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