The Compact Dictionary of Theological Terms

Published on November 23, 2016 by Joshua R Monroe

Baker, 2016 | 255 pages

I’ve not seen so much learning packed into $7.00 in a very long time. This little gem is a wonderful introduction and/or refresher on theological terms.

  • More than 600 entries
  • Definitions of important doctrines, biblical terms, church practices, philosophical terms, councils, movements, documents, and persons
  • Each defined in about 100 words
  • Cross references
  • 300 of the most important terms also translated to French, German, and Korean

All of the entries are well-informed and reflect years of study and classroom experience. Allison has done a great service for many – those who use it will find their theological understanding growing by the minute. If you hang around people who use theological vocabulary, if you read and wonder what this or that theological term means, if you are new to theological study, or if you need a brief refresher now and then on this or that doctrine, this is for you.

A very useful resource.

Fred Zaspel

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Compact Dictionary of Theological Terms

Baker, 2016 | 255 pages

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