The New UBS5 Greek New Testament

Published on August 21, 2014 by Jim Zaspel

Hendrickson, 2014 | 974 pages

Thousands of Greek New Testament manuscripts and manuscript fragments inhabit museums and archives across the world. This fifth edition of the United Bible Societies’ Greek New Testament collates the best of these ancient documents into a reconstruction of what the very first text of the Greek New Testament may have been.

The UBS5 provides a reliable edition of this Greek text for the work of students, translators, and scholars. On every page, a textual apparatus (extensive notation) runs underneath the Greek text and details variations in the most significant extant manuscripts. Further notes catalog the translations and quotations of the Greek text from the early church fathers to today’s modern language translations, showing the history of the text as it appears in church tradition over the past two millennia.

New in this edition from Hendrickson Publishers and the German Bible Society is the inclusion of the most recent manuscript discoveries, the most extensive account of variations across the New Testament manuscripts, and the textual decisions of several modern translators of the Bible into English, French, Spanish, and German. These have been listed to show where they disagree with the textual decisions made in UBS5, allowing the reader to be fully informed about the variety of approaches to grappling with the textual history of the New Testament.

In short, the UBS5 is intended to enable readers of Greek to understand the New Testament in its original language and translate it with competence and discernment.

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The book comes in three bindings to choose from (each binding includes an Index of Old Testament Quotations and an Index of Old Testament Allusions and Verbal Parallels):

Hardcover with Dictionary
Black Flexisoft Leather with Dictionary

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Ubs5 Greek New Testament

Hendrickson, 2014 | 974 pages

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