Tom Nettles Retires from SBTS

Published on May 14, 2014 by Fred Zaspel

Many of our readers are familiar with the long and fruitful ministry of Dr. Thomas J. Nettles in teaching, preaching, and writing. Now after 38 years of teaching at the seminary level, Tom has retired from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Baptist Press has a nice text about him today by Jeff Robinson and James Smith.

Tom has been used of the Lord in strategic ways widely but especially within the Southern Baptist Convention. God raised him up at a time when the influence of just such a scholar and personality was needed, and for generations to come that influence will continue to be seen in the commitment to the authority of Scripture, the doctrines of grace, and Baptist principles among many Southern Baptists.

Tom has been a faithful servant of Christ, and he is a good friend of Books At a Glance also, serving on our Board of Reference and writing an occasional book review for us. To mark the occasion of his retirement, next week Books At a Glance will feature a series of posts in his honor. Be sure to visit each day for our interview with him, our brief biographical sketches highlighting his life and work, and a series of tributes from other respected leaders and friends.

“Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God. Consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith” (Heb. 13:7, ESV).

In case you are not familiar with Nettles’ work, here is a brief list of some of his most important published works.

Baptists and the Bible

By His Grace and For His Glory: A Historical, Theological, and Practical Study of the Doctrines of Grace in Baptist Life

The Baptists: Beginnings in Britain vol.1

The Baptists: The Beginnings in America vol.2

The Baptists: The Modern Era  vol.3

James Pettigru Boyce: A Southern Baptist Statesman

Living By Revealed Truth: The Life and Pastoral Theology of Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Why I Am a Baptist

Teaching Truth, Training Hearts: The Study of Catechisms in Baptist Life

Ready for Reformation?


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