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Moody Press, 2010 | 144 pages

Though written before the infamous 2015 SCOTUS decision on gay marriage this little book (that I came across only just recently) could scarcely be more up to date. There are doubtless more recent stats and such, but Lutzer’s The Truth about Same-Sex Marriage reflects his usual careful research and considered judgment, and the culture war he describes, with its various lines of debate and prominent issues of concern, reads like tomorrow’s news.

One goal of the book is simply informative, attempting to bring Christians to a more realistic understanding of this culture war. Lutzer exposes the gay activist agenda as one that is very intentional, well organized, and driven by (immorally) idealistic agendas that will not allow the facts or the truth to get in its way. With more than enough well-selected quotes from “the other side” he demonstrates how fierce and relentless this battle is – and, consequently, now naïve the church has been in maintaining its silence. The information provided here regarding the gay agenda itself, and its implications, alone make Lutzer’s book a valuable read.

Another goal of the book is to address, specifically, the various arguments that are advanced in attempt to justify homosexual behavior and same-sex marriage – “I was born that way,” “Homosexuality cannot be changed,” Gay marriage is a matter of civil rights,” “Jesus didn’t mention homosexuality,” “How can you discriminate against me?” “I’m a Christian and God accepts my homosexuality,” “Look at the divorce rate!” and so on. Lutzer evaluates each on the merits of its own logic, in light of available data, and against the biblical order, bringing helpful clarity to the discussion.

Lutzer also sets out to urge Christians not to retreat from this culture war but to engage it actively, advising specific measures that may be taken politically, socially, and culturally as well as individually and in the family and the church. He stresses that from the beginning faithful Christian witness has demanded that the Christian stand in opposition to prevailing political and cultural norms, and he calls the church not to sit by idly with so much at stake.

Given the recent SCOTUS decision on same-sex marriage we are sure to see more books come off the press addressing this issue. Indeed, more are needed, and we will very likely feature more here at Books At a Glance as they become available. But Lutzer’s The Truth about Same-Sex Marriage will continue to deserve hearing. He is right that there is much at stake in this debate. He is also right that the church cannot remain silent, and his book arms the reader toward providing an informed response. Informative, contemporary, relevant, and biblical. A very helpful resource.
Table of Contents

1.  The Church Must Speak
2.  We Must Consult the Designer’s Manual
3.  We Must Remember the Children
4.  We Must Resist the Pressure
5.  We Must Act Now
6.  We Must Seek God

Selected Quote

For more than thirty years, gay activists have intentionally sought to make their lifestyle and behavior “normal” in the eyes of mainstream America. In 1973, activists persuaded the American Psychiatric Association to remove homosexuality from its list of psychiatric illnesses and reclassify it as normal behavior. This change was made not because of scientific data but because radicals planned a systematic effort to disrupt the annual meetings of the APA…. It was the first time in psychiatric history that a scientific society ignored scientific evidence and yielded to the demands of a militant group (p.18-19).

Under the emerging framework, there will be no difference between a married couple, a homosexual couple, or a couple in a temporary sexual relationship. As many advocates are putting it, “What difference does it make to the government or an employer whom you are having sex with?”

This sort of reductionism—a spouse is nothing more than a sex partner, so a sex partner is the same as a spouse—misses the point of what marriage is and what its role in society amounts to. . . . As marriage becomes unnecessary—not just for job benefits but for adopting children, inheriting property, and being socially acceptable—the whole nation will be “living in sin” (p.32, citing Gene Edward Veith).

Fred Zaspel

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The Truth About Same-sex Marriage: Six Things You Must Know About What’s Really At Stake

Moody Press, 2010 | 144 pages

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