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Harvest House Publishers, 2020 | 287 pages

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About the Author

Erwin Lutzer was the Senior Pastor of Moody Church from 1980-2016. He is the author of numerous evangelical books.



This book examines a spate of contemporary issues and factors that are working towards a revolution in American society. Lutzer identifies how the radical left is trying to gain control of society and have the power to create a socialist nation. He presents biblical and theological reflections on this situation and calls the church to stand for Christ and the truth of God.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 How We Got Here
Chapter 2 Rewrite the Past to Control the Future
Chapter 3 Use Diversity to Divide and Destroy
Chapter 4 Freedom of Speech for Me, but Not for Thee
Chapter 5 Sell It as a Noble Cause
Chapter 6 Sexualize the Children
Chapter 7 Capitalism Is the Disease; Socialism Is the Cure
Chapter 8 Join with Radical Islam to Destroy America
Chapter 9 Vilify! Vilify! Vilify!
Chapter 10 Wake Up! Strengthen What Remains!




Chapter 1: How We Got Here

The Cultural Left in America is not trying to reform America, they are trying to destroy it and build up something new. The Sexual Revolution and now LGBTQ+ issues are pushing agendas that overturn family and morality. Increasingly is it even difficult to have a conversation about certain issues. Climate change, sexuality, and racism are topics that can only be discussed from a leftist perspective in our society. Cultural Marxism is openly hostile to Christianity and Christian values. “Social justice” is defined according to this ideology. Cultural Marxists want to control social, political, educational, and religious institutions. They also want to control the family. The nuclear family is considered a great problem that needs to be dismantled. Unbridled sexual behavior is endorsed. Women are encouraged to throw off the shackles of family and be independent workers. Government is to control every area of society and life.

Slogans often obscure underlying reality. Of course every single black life matters, but Black Lives Matter is explicitly set up by Marxists and endorses the breakdown of the nuclear family. Margaret Sanger—the founder of Planned Parenthood—asserted that women should not submit to their husbands. They should revolt and practice unbridled sexual behavior, have children out of wedlock, or have abortions. The radical feminist movement has tried to destroy every line of differentiation between male and female. Transgender and transsexuality is furthering the confusion and destruction. Many good things came out of the movement for women’s liberation, but these gains have also come with many, many destructive agenda-points. The media is a great purveyor of these radical agendas and holds tremendous power for shaping societal attitudes. Media present curated images and our culture finds images very powerful. The church is being increasingly marginalized and vilified in our society. We cannot be pushed to the periphery or be silent. We need a bold and clear witness for the truth of God. We need to strengthen what remains.


Chapter 2: Rewrite the Past to Control the Future

George Orwell’s 1984 shows how controlling the past controls the future. China also tried to obliterate some of their past in their bloody cultural revolution. It isn’t necessarily wrong to take down some monuments, or change flags that contain offensive images. Today, however, some are attacking the Founding Fathers because of their faith and the fact that they had slaves. These are not attempts to destroy racism or slavery, but to destroy everything that is not currently politically correct. The riots following the death of George Floyd were not about racism—they were about an entire revolution. Everything that anyone thinks is oppressive needs to be torn down; even attacking Jesus is fair game. If the past can be erased then a new, unmoored society can be produced. If we can deny who we are, then our identity can be reshaped. In many schools, students are taught that America was founded on greed, slavery, and oppression. Marxism and cultural revolution are presented as the answers. Slavery is an abomination, but the West did not invent it. Certain things in the past can be condemned without throwing away everything good at the same time.

Great classic works of literature and art are now being rejected as oppressive and offensive. Although America and England did allow for some terrible practices, they also advanced culture, rights, and justice in the world. Radicals want to rewrite the US Constitution since it was written by white, male capitalists who owned slaves and were religious. It is difficult to build a secular society when the nation was originally established on a religious foundation, so the foundation is being destroyed. Globalism is overturning nationalism, and citizenship in America is being eroded by allowing anyone to come in and vote. Everyone ends up being dependent on the government. We need to honestly confront the past as well as examine our trajectory for the future. The church cannot abandon the fight. Blacks have legitimate concerns, but this does not mean we endorse radical leftist agendas as the solution. The gospel cannot be made about nothing more than social justice. We must return to our first love and stand for Christ. . . .

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Harvest House Publishers, 2020 | 287 pages

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