Kirsten Birkett’s Summary of SING! HOW WORSHIP TRANSFORMS YOUR LIFE, FAMILY, AND CHURCH, by Keith and Kristyn Getty

Published on May 30, 2024 by Eugene Ho

B&H, 2017 | 176 pages

A Brief Book Summary from Books At a Glance 

by Kirsten Birkett 


About the Authors

Keith and Kristyn Getty are modern hymn writers credited with re–inventing the traditional hymn form. They have created a catalogue of songs teaching Christian doctrine and crossing the genres of traditional, classical, folk, and contemporary composition.



Prelude: Sing!
Chapter 1. Created to . . . Sing!
Chapter 2. Commanded to . . . Sing!
Chapter 3. Compelled to . . . Sing!
Chapter 4. Sing! . . . with Heart and Mind
Chapter 5. Sing! . . . with Your Family
Chapter 6. Sing! . . . with the Local Church
Chapter 7. The Radical Witness When Congregations . . . Sing!
Postlude: Will You Sing?
Bonus Tracks 

  • Track One: For Pastors and Elders 
  • Track Two: Worship and Song Leaders 
  • Track Three: Musicians, Choirs, and Production 
  • Track Four: Songwriters and Creatives 


General Summary

The nature of congregational singing and what it contributes. Meant for individuals and for group discussion. Discussion questions at the end of each chapter.


Prelude: Sing!

Leadership may be very interested in songs but often not congregational singing as such. But the church should be “a joyfully singing church.” Congregation singing is “one of the greatest and most beautiful tools we have been given to declare God’s excellences.” Singing “was at the heart of the Reformation” and Luther’s passion.

This book is practical but not prescriptive.


Chapter 1: Created to … Sing!

We were all created to be singers – we are able to sing for twelve weeks. We have minds able to judge pitch and remember what is set to a tune. God does not care how well we sing; the beauty of congregational singing is voices and hearts “knit together in praise.” Practice brings improvements and we will seek to improve in what we value. 

God enjoys beauty and so do we. We are designed to be engaged by music – it moves us deeply. It is part of our creativity and communication; words matter, and God listens. We are designed for community; singing expresses that.

Creation “sings the Father’s song” – our singing should lead us to him. “Sing because you love who made you, and formed you, and enables you to sing.”


Chapter 2: Commanded to … Sing!

God has commanded us to sing. Not to sing is to disobey. God’s commands are for our good; “our spiritual health depends on it.” There are more than 400 references to singing in Scripture, and at least fifty direct commands. We are to sing as part of the assembly, and that will mean compromise as we serve each other. We are to sing the word (which excludes many church songs), so think as you sing. We are to sing with thankfulness, which makes singing deeper. Jesus sang (Matt 26:30). Singing “leads us to Christ with joy.” . . .

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B&H, 2017 | 176 pages

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