A Brief Book Notice from Books At a Glance by Fred G. Zaspel   This new book was a great idea, unique at least in recent publishing. It this book Ryan McGraw leads the reader through the Bible chapter by…

Weekly Recap, January 21, 2023

What book has sold over a million copies in North American alone and been called by many to be the definitive classic evangelical book of the twentieth century? Don’t miss our summary of J. I. Packer’s Knowing God.

Archive Spotlight – January 20, 2023

Weekly Recap, January 14, 2023

Need some encouragement in your Bible reading? See our review of From the Mouth of God: Trusting, Reading, and Applying the Bible, by Sinclair B. Ferguson.

Archive Spotlight – January 13, 2023

Weekly Recap, January 7, 2023

Are you looking for a book that summarizes Bible stories and truths in a way that is understandable for kids? See our review of Bible Explorer: God’s Word from Genesis to Revelation, by Carine MacKenzie.

Archive Spotlight – January 6, 2023

Archive Spotlight – December 30, 2022

Weekly Recap, December 30, 2022

Don’t miss our very last summary in our year-long summary series through The Works of John Owen. We have now finished summarizing all 16 volumes!

Weekly Recap, December 23, 2022

We are almost done with our year-long summary series through The Works of John Owen. After this week, there is only one summary left in Volume 16: The Church and the Bible. Finish the year with us and search back for…

Archive Spotlight – December 23, 2022

Weekly Recap, December 17, 2022

Give a read of our review of James M. Hamilton, Jr’s recent commentary on the Psalms in the Evangelical Biblical Theology Commentary.

Archive Spotlight – December 16, 2022

Weekly Recap, December 10, 2022

Are you still looking for a book to read during the holiday season? See our book notice this week on The Incarnation in the Gospels, by Daniel M. Doriana, Philip Graham Ryken, and Richard D. Phillips.

Archive Spotlight – December 9, 2022

Book Notice: THE INCARNATION IN THE GOSPELS, by Daniel M. Doriani, Philip Graham Ryken, and Richard D. Phillips

A Brief Book Notice from Books At a Glance   From the Preface This book presents twelve biblically and theologically grounded Christmas messages. The authors explore the canonical teaching on the birth of Jesus Christ in the gospels of Matthew,…

Weekly Recap, December 3, 2022

Looking for books to read for the Christmas season? Don’t miss our blog post “Three Books for Christmastime” for three great resources!

Archive Spotlight – December 2, 2022